Unico Vacation

The first time I ever went to Mexico I was already an adult. I was in a job that would be not only a huge influence, but also a very pivotal point in my life. It was the second of what would be a dozen plus trips that were either incentives won for doing incredibly well, or getting to go purely for being upper management. Either way, I was excited, but had no idea what was in store. It was also my first time at an all-inclusive resort. No kids, adults only, all the food and fancy umbrella drinks a person could want, with several pools and the beach just a short walk away. It was a party, and my introduction into a whole other world of living.

Fast forward to recent times. My honey and I have been quite the vacationers. It’s one of the things we love doing together the most. While there are a million resorts to choose from in sunny Mexico, and we have each been to a handful of them, we significantly doubt we’ll stay any other place again (at least not on our own dime!) Stumbling across a simple brochure at a travel agency, we had a dream and with a little planning ahead, I was able to make it a reality.

A gorgeous (and private!) ocean view room with a canopy bed, balcony, rain shower and separate jacuzzi tub, even just staying in the room was heavenly. Room service had an enormously expansive menu at all hours of the day. (I ordered tiny tacos at 2am after we finally made it to our room from a full day of traveling.) The breakfast and lunch buffet were NEVER the same. I fell in love with green juice; of course I’m also convinced everything tastes better on vacation…. Each restaurant had a theme with world-class chefs. All of them were divine. We took cooking classes, salsa lessons, had a date every night, spent time on the beach each morning, and I rediscovered my long lost love, the Midori sour.

The personal concierge was an incredible touch. Were we his only clients? Of course not, but he was only a text message or phone call away, and humored me while I tried to practice some of my high school Spanish. He set up dinner reservations, romantic touches in our room, and helped us figure out an assortment of other things within the resort.

Having done quite a bit of site-seeing on other visits, for this trip we stayed on campus. Sleeping in, lounging by the pool with my latest book, laying out on a beach chair, fingertips in the sand. It was the most relaxing, laid-back, and luxurious vacation I’ve had in my life. We even visited the spa for massages, pedicures, and champagne. While there are probably at least fifty other places on our vacation bucket list, anytime we’re craving the beach this will definitely be our little getaway spot.


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