Five Things to Counter Stress

There are a lot of words we could use to describe what’s going on in the world lately. There are even more to describe how we all feel about it. The word I find myself using the most is “weird.” It’s weird out there you guys. The world is weird. While hundreds of things happening on a “normal” day will wind up in a history book somewhere, it is an odd feeling to realize what is happening with COVID-19 will be in everyone’s history books around the world. Even more, the chapter is still being written and we don’t know how it’s going to end. … More Five Things to Counter Stress

Come to the Cabaret!

Journeying into a a 1929 lounge, Taylor Ratliff’s portrayal of Cabaret’s Emcee during the University of Oklahoma’s dress rehearsal Wednesday night was spell-binding. From the opening number to his tear inducing finale, he captures the character beautifully, refusing to hold back an ounce of raw talent and emotion. … More Come to the Cabaret!

New Horizons: An Evening of Jazz & Concert Band

It was an evening where I realized I hadn’t attended a live concert event in quite some time and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why, when music seems to be at the center of every soul fulfilling moment. Think about it: your favorite memories come back in a flash with that familiar tune on the radio. You remember people, places things. “Your song” becomes the important decision for dancing at a wedding. Is there a DJ or a live band? Will there be an orchestral trio or the more traditional organ music? But it starts before that: … More New Horizons: An Evening of Jazz & Concert Band

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Childhood memories are filled with theatres full of drama and music. Campuses with the most assorted colors, and hedges perfectly trimmed. In all reality, we probably didn’t go all that much, and other than The Nutcracker and Oklahoma, I can’t remember the specifics of many of the productions I saw. However, I am eternally grateful for being introduced to such things at an early age. … More Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night