A Not so Sleepy Little Town

You know how you hear stories of people in a small town driving into the city for a special shopping trip or occasion? Perhaps driving an hour to the big shopping mall for that special Easter dress found only in a department store, or even driving an entire state over to do some super special, only once in junior high school, clothes shopping. Well, now that we’re a little older, we like to do it backwards. Just a couple hours up a major interstate, with a dogleg off onto a US highway, is a little town called Pawhuska, and it is the boomingest little town in Oklahoma! … More A Not so Sleepy Little Town

Happy Fourth of July

A sweltering, sticky heat means its summer in the Midwest. As far back as I can remember my dad’s family travels out to the family farm for the Fourth. Although currently spread out across four states, our family comes together in the middle of the week to partake in bonfires, weenie roasts (as my grandmother calls them), s’mores and fireworks. The last several years, Mother Nature has tried to rain on our parade, quite literally, resulting in Roman Candles being shot off the porch, and sparklers waving from the front steps. … More Happy Fourth of July

New Horizons: An Evening of Jazz & Concert Band

It was an evening where I realized I hadn’t attended a live concert event in quite some time and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why, when music seems to be at the center of every soul fulfilling moment. Think about it: your favorite memories come back in a flash with that familiar tune on the radio. You remember people, places things. “Your song” becomes the important decision for dancing at a wedding. Is there a DJ or a live band? Will there be an orchestral trio or the more traditional organ music? But it starts before that: … More New Horizons: An Evening of Jazz & Concert Band

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Childhood memories are filled with theatres full of drama and music. Campuses with the most assorted colors, and hedges perfectly trimmed. In all reality, we probably didn’t go all that much, and other than The Nutcracker and Oklahoma, I can’t remember the specifics of many of the productions I saw. However, I am eternally grateful for being introduced to such things at an early age. … More Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night