About Us

  • We believe in lifting people up and surrounding ourselves with inspirational voices.
  • We believe in cherishing the vintage and not walking the traditional path just because it’s easy.
  • We believe in telling our truths and exposing our vulnerabilities.
  • We believe in wearing the crown and still getting down to shovel the dirt.
  • We believe in holding hands and driving around the block until the song is finished.
  • We believe there’s no such thing as too many photos and you’re never too old for a bubble bath.
  • We believe in taking the high road even when it looks like it has the steepest grade.
  • We believe in handing down traditions and creating new ones with each generation.
  • We believe your family is made up of the people you surround yourself with regardless of blood, and that the love of working on a car or wearing a dress has nothing to do with gender.
  • We believe a job is only finished when you give 110% no matter the time it took, and that sometimes the greatest accomplishments go unnoticed.