Bike Rides & Baby Blankets

Most of the time they’d meander back and forth down a street or two passing the cars covered with a sheet, wondering what sort of treasure was hiding underneath, and then head home. Other days they’d venture down to the circle drive with the funny name that made them all giggle. … More Bike Rides & Baby Blankets

Anatomy of a Baby Blanket: Take Two

Afternoons started with her grandmother quietly waiting outside the prefab building where the little girl would spend first, second, and even the fourth year – with a different teacher – of her elementary education. Their walk would ensue with passing across the breezy campus down a decently busy street that ran through their neighborhood. They continued over what was a drainage culvert on one side, but on their side, looking below the bridge was a view with rocks, discarded concrete, and the overgrown foliage produced by the negligence of whatever city worker forgot to trim it back. … More Anatomy of a Baby Blanket: Take Two