A Little Nostalgic

That was the summer of the accident. Not that none of us have never been in a car accident since, but this was the year of the life changing one. The woman with the “H” was riding with Papa, the rest of us girls following behind. … More A Little Nostalgic

Building Christmas

As piles of presents surround the tree, beautiful tree-skirts no longer visible, and everyone anxiously awaits, I’m reminded of a conversation we had just last week. Trying to pay for a wedding, save for a honeymoon, pay off past debts, and not add any to it, we had a conversation about how much we should really been spending and how many presents the kids actually needed. There are so many unopened crafts, robots that have yet to be assembled, and toys we never see being played with. So where is the line between fun and extravagant? Blessed and spoiled? … More Building Christmas