Scissortail’s Strings

Beautiful harmonies encompassed the sanctuary with floral tones. The talent of each individual musician was apparent, speaking of their love for the arts, but the composer knew for the story to be accurately told, not a single instrument could be missed. … More Scissortail’s Strings

New Horizons: An Evening of Jazz & Concert Band

It was an evening where I realized I hadn’t attended a live concert event in quite some time and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why, when music seems to be at the center of every soul fulfilling moment. Think about it: your favorite memories come back in a flash with that familiar tune on the radio. You remember people, places things. “Your song” becomes the important decision for dancing at a wedding. Is there a DJ or a live band? Will there be an orchestral trio or the more traditional organ music? But it starts before that: … More New Horizons: An Evening of Jazz & Concert Band