More Than a Blustery Day

The afternoon had gotten grey and dark. Not the strange light grey that means it could snow, but the deep blue grey with billowy storm clouds building across the sky. It smelled like rain, but it was always hit or miss whether they’d get a couple inches or the wind would blow the coming storm on through to the next town. … More More Than a Blustery Day

Springtime for Oklahoma

When I decided to finally put down some roots, at least a few for now, and buy a house, even despite all it’s crazy weather, I started my search pretty close to my hometown. This however, meant I needed to make sure I left enough money aside after the purchase of my home to put in a storm shelter if the house I chose didn’t already have one. You may be thinking, ‘why don’t you go down to the basement like in the movie Twister?’ Well Joe, because that’s a movie and our houses don’t have basements here. … More Springtime for Oklahoma