Pioneer Woman Land

Anyone who scrapbooks with me knows that I love going to Pawhuska, Oklahoma and it’s such an easy trip down the road, that we go quite often. This little country town has turned into quite the vacation stop thanks to Ree Drummond and her ever-growing empire. Here’s our guide to what I lovingly refer to as Pioneer Woman Land:

Things to See 
– I would plan your trip around when you can see her lodge, which is only open on certain days. Otherwise, plan to go back to Pawhuska for a second trip to see it. This is where she films her cooking show and where you have a pretty good chance of running into one or more of her pups!

– You MUST go to Osage Outfitters! This is were we get our cowboy boots and it’s owned by an adorable local young couple, Joey & Callie. We spend waay too much time in their store and typically wander in multiple times each trip. Even if you’re not the cowboy boot wearing kind of gal, go in here. Callie finds lots of cute little items besides boots for their store. Also, if you’re able to drag the hubby along with you and he likes hats, Joey will custom steam one for him! 

– There are tons of little boutique shops all within walking distance of The Merc. We like wandering over to the Buckin Flamingo. They have funny stuff and some pretty tacky stuff as well, so obviously most people I know will fit right in!
– We also enjoy a drive through the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve. We went the first time in December and there were TONS of buffalo. When we dropped in the following August, we didn’t see a single one. So apparently it can be hit or miss, but the country is beautiful and it’s free. Also, it’s open as long as the sun is up, so you can do this on a Sunday when everything else is closed.

Eat ALL the Food 
– Plan your entire trip around where you want to eat. No, I’m not kidding! The Merc has all the meals and everything is good. They are the only restaurant she owns that does breakfast, just FYI. Do your Merc shopping while waiting for seating so as not to waste precious time!

P-Town Pizza has pizza, salad, and cocktails!!!!!! They are open until 11pm. Obviously you can eat there whenever you want, but I like to do dinner here because #1 I do not feel rushed during my afternoon shopping due to a restaurant closing early. #2 Even though it’s pizza it is a lighter meal before turning in for the night. #3 You will deserve a cocktail after all your walking and shopping! (Get the Not Knots even if you don’t think you want them or have room. You’ll thank me later.)  
– She has a bakery upstairs inside the Merc. If you want to take any baked goods home, go early! They get picked through and there isn’t as much selection later in the day. You can also get tea, lemonade and a variety of coffee drinks to go. This is great if you need a little snack or beverage in the middle of the day; plus there’s plenty of relaxed seating/couches to rest those shopping feet! *My ABSOLUTE FAVORITES are the pecan sticky buns and the lemon bars. Never was there a lemon bar so amazing. If you’re diabetic, take an extra insulin pen (just kidding, I’m not a doctor).*
– There are other places to eat in town, but we are so addicted to her food, we can’t seem to tear ourselves away. Just ask the shop owners if you’re interested in something different.

Sleeping Arrangements 
– We have gone just as a day trip where this wasn’t necessary.
– We have also stayed at a hotel in Bartlesville and driven over (about a 30 minute drive) twice! 
– We were lucky once and stayed at the Pioneer Woman Boarding House. Boarding House reservations are hard to get! I got mine by checking the availability and occasionally they’ll have a random cancellation, so we got a Sunday night and had all day Monday to toodle around.
– Ree (because in my head we are of course on a first name basis) lists other local places here, several of which are within walking distance to the Merc!

Hopefully that’s helpful!! Go see the countryside, have some great eats, and let me know how it goes!


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