Writing Spaces

Some may say that the perfect writing space doesn’t exist. Thoughts of a crackling fire with warm lighting, a cozy blanket, and a hot cup of apple cider come to mind. Add in a log cabin out in the mountainous woods, and I’ve got it made. However, I live in Oklahoma, so if I needed those things I’d either a) only write about 4 months out of the year when it’s cold enough to justify lighting the fireplace, or b) lose a lot of weight by sweating profusely the other 8 months of the year! Since I don’t particularly like either of those situations, I’ve come up with a few things that help me get those creative juices flowing no matter what the weather is doing outside.

A scented warmer or diffuser does the trick in a warmer climate to give my space some ambiance. If I’m about to sit down for a big writing session, I’ll change out the wax or oil in my warmer to something new so it’s more noticeable. I’ll put in anything from a soothing lavender/eucalyptus blend to a pumpkin cinnamon scent depending on my mood.

Occasionally I’ll listen to music other than classical while I write, but more often than not, I enjoy the sounds of rain, ocean waves, or even crickets and a cool breeze rushing through a forest. You can of course find many apps and places on the Internet to tune into these white noise type sounds, but my go to are the soundscapes from Headspace. They’ve got a couple of free ones for anyone to try, and a plethora of options if you decide to pay for the subscription service. Many of you know I use the app for my daily meditations as well, so I get a lot of value for my money with them.

I’ll grab a cozy blanket, a bunch of throw pillows and a hot tea in my favorite chase lounge or recliner as much as I can. If it’s too warm, I’ll turn on the fan or be bad and lower the a/c a degree or two just to create the right vibes. I might even switch out my tea for an icy pomegranate fizz drink, which is super refreshing and gives me a little boost of energy in the afternoon.

Other times I’ll head over to the Great Reading Room in my local library with it’s cathedral high windows and forced silence rules (water only in here) because something about it just feels fancy, like something incredible could happen inside the walls where so many of The Greats have their works sitting on shelves. Plus all that sunlight pouring in makes me feel empowered and fresh. If I start to get stiff in their table and chair set up, the room next door has cushy leather couches to sink into.

Need help creating your own space? Think of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. Then pick something from each category. Mix up your options until you find what works for you.


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