Favorite Power Couples of 2019

I love using January not just as a beginning to something new and exciting but also to reflect on the things I loved about the year that came before. Looking back, some of the most powerful things that helped me through 2019 were getting to know more about what makes these couples tick. … More Favorite Power Couples of 2019

A Not so Sleepy Little Town

You know how you hear stories of people in a small town driving into the city for a special shopping trip or occasion? Perhaps driving an hour to the big shopping mall for that special Easter dress found only in a department store, or even driving an entire state over to do some super special, only once in junior high school, clothes shopping. Well, now that we’re a little older, we like to do it backwards. Just a couple hours up a major interstate, with a dogleg off onto a US highway, is a little town called Pawhuska, and it is the boomingest little town in Oklahoma! … More A Not so Sleepy Little Town