Favorite Power Couples of 2019

I love using January not just as a beginning to something new and exciting but also to reflect on the things I loved about the year that came before. Looking back, some of the most powerful things that helped me through 2019 were getting to know more about what makes these couples tick.

Rachel & Dave Hollis
Where do I even begin with these two. Rachel has literally changed my life more than any one person I actually know. I “met” her through Girl, Wash Your Face at the perfect season in my life. I needed this book. Her work with and for women is nothing short of transformative. From her two self-help type books that are completely geared towards uplifting women, to her blog, Instagram feed, and silly fun morning show with Dave, her motivation and energy is contagious. After moving out of his own comfort zone, her husband Dave left a long, and what most people would call, successful career at Disney to create The Hollis Co. with Rachel. Together they put on super intense women’s conferences with powerhouse talent in the speaking line ups, one of which is happening as I write this. If their conferences are too much of a deep dive for you, check out their business or life coaching classes over at The Hollis Co. or pick up some merch at StartToday.com. If you aren’t familiar with these two, stop reading this and go discover them! Dave’s first book comes out in just two months and I can’t wait.

Chip & Joanna Gains
Farm sinks and shiplap are in my dreams. I have a journal full of home improvement notes and even bought paint from Joanna’s line on the Magnolia website for my most recent home renovation. I’m not sure how I stumbled onto the second couple on my list, but I know I’m late to the party. My obsession with their show has led to a Hulu subscription that is solely used to watch Fixer Upper and I’ve had to force myself to stop watching for a few weeks because of all the redecorating it was making me want in every room of the house – even those that had recently been re-designed… In all seriousness though, the way they joke, laugh and tease each other is adorable. Plus who couldn’t love such a down to earth couple who is constantly looking for ways to pay it forward in the world, like with the Magnolia Foundation and their “We Believe in Human Kindness” campaign.

Sara Blakely & Jesse Itzler
The founder and CEO of Spanx paired with a man who has been described as a “serial entrepreneur” seems like an obvious choice, but part of my love for these two is that they stand completely on their own. Don’t believe me? Take a moment and google “Sara Blakely”. Not a single snippet of description on the first several pages even mention her husband AND only one out of twelve photos show them together. So why did these two make my list if they’re so independent? Because they are both individually successful, support each other’s endeavors, AND know how to let their counterpart soar on their own! When’s the last time you saw a highly successful woman in business without every article or news feed dripping with how their husband is this, that or the other? There really are only a handful out there, who are actually being talked about. While at first glance, a shapewear inventor and ultra athlete might seem like a match that makes sense, these two prove that opposites attract. Whether talking about food: she loves junk food, while he’s a health nut; or their hobbies: Jesse enjoys physical challenges, including his 29029 climb that replicates the distance one would go if climbing Mt. Everest, while she enjoys all the shapes a pancake can be and is terrified of flying. These two show us that sometimes you’ve just got to wait until your mid-30’s for the perfect someone to come along.

Ree & Ladd Drummond
With the renovation of Pawhuska, Oklahoma’s downtown, a show on Food Network, and her kitchenware line at Wal-Mart, some may be wondering why she’s on a “power couple” list and not just a “women influencers” or “women entrepreneurs” list. However, these two work in tandem in a way that’s dreamy. From her cooking up massive cowboy lunches and delivering them in her pickup to the ranchers, to his valuable input in their downtown business endeavors, these Oklahoman’s know the definition of the word team. They love playing pranks on each other, having themed movie nights, and they even have four children who are hard workers just like their parents. What’s not to love about this sassy redhead and her ruggedly handsome hubby? They have a sugary sweet romance as detailed in her book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, where a country cowboy roped the heart of a city girl. Of course if you haven’t read her adorable novel, anyone following her blog, subscribing to her magazine or even skimming through one of her many cookbooks can see how years later they’re still madly in love.


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