Four Things You Need at the Beach!

All this cold weather has me craving cozy blankets, warm fireplaces and a good book. However, I know for many people you’d trade any hint of ice or snow in for a beach day. Here are my four must-haves for the beach in case you have a trip planned to escape the snow and ice during the holidays!

Water, water, water!! I know it’s tempting to have those cabana boys bring you something with an umbrella in it, but make sure you’re also getting a good amount of water while laying in the sun! I like to take my own cute water bottle with me to use. When I’m in Mexico, I order a bottled water and pour it in here so that a) I know it’s mine and b) this little beauty keeps it cold!

A good book! I’ve been making my way through Reese’s book club picks, and Chandler Baker’s Whisper Network went with me on my latest adventure. Oh my gosh if you haven’t read this book, well that’s probably a blog post for a different day…The point is bring something entertaining. Lounging under an umbrella completely engrossed in something fictional is incredibly relaxing, which is what a getaway is all about!

You’ve got to have your beach bag! It’ll carry your water bottle and book of course! This one even had room for my hotel key, towel and sunscreen. Make it a cute but durable bag that won’t mind getting little damp if the surf gets too close. I obsess with my #4ThingsTotes like the one here. They’re made by The Shop Forward and help support expectant mom’s in rural Haiti. Who can argue with customizable cuteness that puts proceeds towards an awesome cause?

All the flip flops! These are really more like a classy flip-flop or a dressed down sandal, but either way they’re cute to get from the room to the pool, or even to walk down to the sand. Be sure your flip-flops are made of something that works well with water – this particular pair, while super cute, are made completely of rubber and are so slippery when they get wet, I can barely walk in them! Save your wedges to wear to the pool, you’ll twist your ankle walking on those in the sand!


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