Five to Thrive: It’s the Little Things!

Count Your Blessings
A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
It’s the Little Things that Count

We’ve all heard that we should be grateful for what we have, and that is often easier said than done, especially when no one teaches us how. We’re just told ‘be grateful!’ There’s so much pressure to strive for the big things: the fancy car, the massive house, the perfect marriage, the smartest children, it’s easy to nit pick at how nothing is as perfect as all the people out in the media portray it to be, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly. Then we start dwelling on how it’s one more thing we’re not ‘doing right’ and often miss the every day things that are beautiful.

The puppy came in through the dog door all on her own!
I made a recipe the whole family loved!
No red lights on my way to work!
It’s raining so I don’t have to set out the sprinklers!
My toddler said please and thank you!
I got to use my favorite coffee cup.
My spouse kissed me good morning on their way out the door.
We played a fun board game with friends.

Look at all those tiny moments. They make you smile don’t they? Being grateful doesn’t require a grand gesture. You don’t need to think of the roof over my head, my husband, my well-trained dog. While those things are wonderful, they’re too broad and that line of thinking can backfire as soon as the rent increases, you have a spat with your husband, or the new puppy has torn your favorite high heels to shreds. Just take five to ten minutes at the beginning of your day and think of all the moments from yesterday that filled you with joy. Think of something small. Think of something that most people would overlook. Remember when you were dating how he noticed your earrings, or how even when that puppy cried all night, he still had the cutest little face? Write them down. Do it daily. It’ll give you a whole new outlook to your mornings, I guarantee it.


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