Add a Little Curl to Life

Since we’re all spending a bit more time at home these days, some people are bored, some are going crazy (metaphorically speaking of course), those that are still able to work are having longer days than the old normal, while those at home may be picking up the slack. In addition, we’re not able to do a lot of the things we previously did, and honestly, none of us truly know when that’s going to change.

While something like getting your hair cut and colored isn’t on the “necessities” list, whether you’re a man or a woman it sure does make us feel good. Now I cannot condone your picking up a box of color at the same place you buy your groceries. Not just because I used to be a hair stylist and it hurts a piece of my soul, but because it is incredibly damaging to your hair. Yes it is in fact more damaging than what your stylist has access to. Also, something to keep in mind, if you’re on the edge of feeling desperate and using box color, especially if it’s *for the first time* in you life, if the results are not what you intended, when the salons do reopen, it is much harder to “fix” then a couple inches of roots. Remember your stylist holds scissors and a coloring brush, not a magic wand!!

Now, just because we’re all going to have roots and see the colors we’d rather not, it doesn’t mean we have to live in the messy bun realm until the world is “normal” again. So, in the same fashion as my dip nail removal post, I thought I’d bring you a few tips and tricks on hair styling.

My favorite way to wear my hair is curled. I also just happen to get the most compliments about, not just my style, but my hair color when it’s done this way, so this is what I’ll focus on for today. If you haven’t been able to keep curl in your hair in the past, a couple of things could be going on: a) your hair has no frizz or natural curl what-so-ever, meaning even in 90% humidity your hair is straight as a board without using any product; b) your hair is too clean; c) your hair is too healthy; d) a combination of any of these. If this is the case, congratulations! None of these are bad things! However, it might be a little frustrating and on occasion boring. Me? I have a natural frizz, plus my processed hair, both helping me keep curl longer. (Don’t be too jealous, I look like a Pomeranian if I let my hair air dry without product during a rain storm.)

If you’re fresh out of the shower from washing your hair, I use a blow dry spray, which helps my hair dry faster while still protecting it from the heat. I also use an oil because my hair needs moisture due to the processing. I put these in my hair and then I brush through it. This ensures the products are spread throughout the hair. If you don’t color your hair, or if your hair tends to be naturally oily, skip putting in the product oil. If you want a little more body to have fuller looking hair you can use a bit of mouse, but I caution you not to use too much; 1982 is getting further and further away, and some things are best not re-lived. The other trick if you’ve got fine or thin hair is to blow dry your roots with your head bent over, as in your head is upside down. You don’t need to dry your whole head of hair this way, just a few minutes until the roots are dry. Then stand back up and dry out the rest.

Before I brush my hair out again, I put a little more oil in, then brush it out. Remember a little bit of product goes a long way! Especially if you’re spending the money on salon quality products, I promise you that using too much truly is a waste. A lot of times they’re more concentrated than your supermarket brands. I tend to have really soft, healthy looking hair because of the products I use. If you don’t typically color your hair and it’s not dry, this may not be as important to you.

Next section off your hair focusing on the layer closest to the nape of your neck and clip the rest up out of the way. Use a heat protector on this layer. I’ve used a couple of different kinds over time. These are a couple of my favorites:

Using a big barrel curling iron, mine is 1.5 inches, curl a small section at a time away from your face. Let the curls cool before lowering down the next section of hair. Make sure you remember to spray the heat protector on each layer prior to using the curling iron! This makes sure the hair is protected because most irons are going to be around 400 degrees. The heat protectant also helps your hair hold the curl longer. If you’re having trouble locating a heat protector, or don’t want to spend the money, a light spray of a soft hold hairspray before curling will help hold the curl in; however, I wouldn’t do this long term because again, it will cause more damage to your hair. Go through section by section. Smaller sections are better for curls that last all day, as well as for decreasing damage. It does take longer, but I promise you it’s worth it.

Once you’ve worked through each layer, and the curls have cooled, gently work your fingers through the curls to break them up. This ensures that you don’t look like you’ve got Shirley Temple ringlets, which while cute at a young age, don’t really have the same effect once we get older. Finish up with a light spray of a flexible hold hairspray, which should keep it looking bouncy and full all day.


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