The Wonders of Foam Rolling

Quite a few people have been curious about what types of workouts I do from week to week, so I thought I would share my typical schedule. What’s nice is that with a couple of free weights, a mat, and a foam roller, I can do these at home, at the gym with an instructor, or even while a travel. If there’s no way I’m fitting a yoga mat in my suitcase, I’ll throw a towel (or two) down on the floor and do my work out that way.

Here’s how I mix it up from day to day:
Monday: weights and foam rolling
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: run w/rolling
Thursday: yoga
Friday: weights and foam rolling
Saturday: long run
Sunday: Pilates w/rolling

I typically don’t take a foam roller with me, but a massage will definitely work in its place. Although to many, a massage sounds like a luxury or the newest form of self-care, in fact they’re critical for anyone wanting to be in top shape. Sometimes though we are either so busy we don’t know where to fit one in or it’s just not going to work with our budget. So until things loosen up *wink, wink* foam rolling can be a huge help. Foam rollers come in all sizes and you can find a lot of foam rolling videos on YouTube. The biggest thing is that you have to commit to doing it, as well as being consistent, especially if you’re prone to knots and tightness even before you commit to a new workout regimen.

Personally, I didn’t truly understand the power of using a foam roller after using it for several months. MONTHS! What finally convinced me I was doing some good for my body was when I increased the regimen to at least three times per week. One evening after a long day, I pulled out my roller and cued up my trusty 15 minute video. To my surprise some of the knots in my shoulders and calves were either gone, or nearly non-exisitant. Guys, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have knots in my shoulders. It’s my “normal.” So believe me when I tell you, this little puppy is worth the investment!

The foam rollers pictured above can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, and . I purchased mine from my chiropractor.


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